The Albacmat is a flexible "stretcher" can be used in a wide variety of situations to evacuate immobile people during a fire or other emergency.



Albacmat in use on a stairway


The mat consists of a red nylon shroud bonded to a flexible polycarbonate backboard. It will glide over most surfaces including carpets, concrete, bitumen, vinyl and grass.

The mat is designed with safety in mind for both the passenger and rescuer.

The passenger is securely held on the mat by three Velcro straps and a foot pocket, allowing the passenger to be safely moved around.

The passenger could in theory be moved by one person in an emergency however we strongly recommend that a minimum of two people are used for evacuation under normal circumstances. Two people should be the absolute minimum for training purposes and should be appropriate for the size and weight of the passenger.

The mat is light in weight and stored in a compact bag ready to be deployed at a moment's notice and can be used in almost any environment such as a bedroom, classroom, on a corridor or even in a bathroom.

The mat is now available in two sizes, the larger for broader/wider passengers.

The mat is also suitable for paediatric use. The three strap design allows for the top strap to be used by the rescuer as a 'moving strap' to ensure full control of the head and torso of the smaller patient whilst ensuring correct posture is maintained by the rescuer.

It is also possible to transfer someone from a wheelchair onto the mat relatively easily. This is done in the same way as for the Ski Pad - see: Wheelchair Transfer

Evacuation and manual handling training with the AlbacMat can also be provided.



Packed: 38 x 20 x 18cm (15"x8"x7")

Unrolled, standard size   193 x 64cm (76"x 25")

Unrolled, large size   193 x 94cm (76"x 37")


Weight: 2kg

Safety tested to: 160kg

Safe working load: 120kg (two people).



*Standard 160.00

*Large 170.00

*Delivery 7.50 each

Prices plus VAT

Payment can be made by cheque, BACS, pro-forma invoice or by credit card over the phone



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