asbestos safety

The Asbestos at Work Regulations 2002

As most people know asbestos is extremely dangerous, and can pose a significant threat to people and in particular firefighters during, and to an extent after a fire. Click here for more information.

Who must Comply?  The Dutyholder, for example this is the Owner, Occupier or those responsible for the Control, Maintenance and Repair of all or part of any non-domestic building used for any business function, this also includes the common areas of residential rented properties.   We all must co-operate with the Dutyholder now and they must:

  • Check their building(s) and determine the risk from the asbestos & its condition;   

  • Prepare a written plan identifying the areas of the premises concerned & the measures necessary for managing the asbestos risk;

  • Implement the measures in the plan; and

  • Record the measures taken to implement the plan.

Asbestos safety in the workplace is an increasing concern, as asbestos in buildings is ageing and becoming more dangerous. The health hazards of asbestos are well known, and it is paramount that the removal of asbestos, or sealing it safely, is given a very high priority. Every workplace must carry out an asbestos survey and record the findings, if you need help with yours, the CD or DVD below could help. Click on the pictures for more information.

Asbestos DVD





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