Cig-Arrête® detectors for vehicles

The tobacco smoke detector is NOT suitable for installation into motor vehicles as it will detect even the very lightest engine emissions.

The flame detector (CSA-FOV) is suitable for motor vehicles as it will detect naked flames such as matches and lighters, however it will NOT detect vehicle electric cigar/cigarette lighters.

The match/lighter flame detector incorporates technology designed to detect a flame from a match or cigarette lighter. Normally this would trigger the voice alarm to deter the smoker from continuing to smoke. In a vehicle cab this would probably be undesirable as it may distract the driver, but it could also encourage the driver to mask the detector.


The flame detector has an SD card that registers each activation, these can then be downloaded onto a laptop or PC. The SD card is accessed by unlocking the battery compartment, therefore preventing unauthorised tampering.

The units are powered by long life alkaline batteries, that should last over a year (depending on the number of activations).

The detectors contain a Windows® based file structure allowing simple drag-and-drop file copying for ease of programming.

An anti-vandal cage can also be fitted.














Match or Lighter flame detector and voice sounder.

  • Can detect a 25mm match or lighter flame at 6m within 1 second (see coverage diagram below)

  • Powered by 4 x AA alkaline batteries

  • Contains a Windows® based file structure which allow simple drag-and-drop file copying for ease of programming

  • Anti-vandal cage AVC3 (optional) prevents unauthorised tampering.

  • Size: L=180mm x W=120mm x D=50mm

  • Requires a remote control to programme the detector.












for flame









 X = 1 

X = 2 

X = 3 

X = 4 

X = 5

X = 6 




Y = 3.5

Y = 7

Y = 10

Y = 14

Y = 17

Y = 21













Infra red remote control handset. Controls all the detectors and programmable components. The control is used to

  • Change messages;

  • Turn messages on/off; and

  • Change the sensitivity of detectors.


















The Anti Vandal Cage offers a high degree of protection to each sensor unit in areas likely to be subject to wilful damage or vandalism.

  • Made from high grade steel;

  • Fully welded joints providing a robust cage structure;

  • Powder coated for long life;

  • Can be fitted at same time as sensors, or retrofitted later.




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