Domestic Sprinklers

Not many people would think of installing domestic fire sprinklers in their homes, even though it is claimed that where they are mandatory, such as in Scottsdale, Arizona and Vancouver, Canada (and many other parts of the world) no-one has died in a fire, and property damage is reduced by over 80%.


It is terrible to see headlines like this in the media, this was the front page of our local paper dated March 26th 2011. How tragic, if this bungalow had been fitted with sprinklers this lady would almost certainly still be alive.

To see how effective domestic sprinklers are, have a look at this video clip:

Domestic Sprinklers





In premises such as residential care and nursing homes, fire sprinklers are an excellent way of protecting residents, a fact that has been recognised in Scotland, where, following the disastrous Rose Park Care Home fire, it is now mandatory to fit sprinklers in high risk residential homes.

One of the main reasons this side of the border for installing sprinklers is to satisfy building and planning regulations, where proposals would otherwise be rejected. These situations include open plan design, loft conversions, flats & maisonettes with inner rooms or a lack of alternative escape routes etc.

Marsden Fire Safety Ltd has been very successful in achieving building regulations approvals under such circumstances, although even we had to draw the line when a client recently wanted to park his high performance sports car in an open plan garage within his living room (but we did come up with an acceptable alternative!).

Sprinklers - The Myths:

There are many common myths about Sprinklers, such as:

They cause water damage.

They might accidentally go off.

They are ugly and unsightly.

Here are a few facts:

Sprinklers are the most efficient and effective safety device know to man, they have over a 99% success rate in service world wide.  It is claimed that, to date, no one has died in a building in which sprinklers have activated.

Sprinklers use only a fraction of water compared with a fire hose.  Sprinklers operate very early in the development of a fire, and consequently only require a relatively small quantity of water to extinguish it.

Sprinklers are very reliable, the chances of a sprinkler going off accidentally are 1 in 16 million.  You have more chance of winning the lottery!

Sprinklers can be recessed so they are flush with the ceiling, the only visible indication is a circular disc about 10 cm in diameter.  This is much smaller and thinner than a smoke alarm, and can be coloured to suit your decor!

If you would like more information on domestic and residential sprinklers, this pdf file published by BASA should be useful.

If you are interested in Residential Sprinklers, please e-mail (UK ONLY).

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