Dorgards are a cost effective way to hold open fire doors (or alternatively, if you don't already have self closers on your door - Freedor - may be preferable). Dorgards are self contained battery operated devices designed to hold open fire doors safely and effectively. They are easy to fit, just 4 screws hold it in position, and it's ready for immediate use.


Available in Black, Red, White & Mahogany



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1 - 4 Dorgards

 99.00 each + VAT

+ *Carriage 5.00 + VAT


5+ Dorgards

95.00 each +VAT

*Carriage Free



Mahogany Dorgards 92.00 each + VAT

+ *Carriage 7.50 + VAT

While stocks last


Spare Ferrules (Pack of 5) 8.50

Plus 3.00 P&P + VAT


Floorplate kit 10.00

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Plus 7.50 P&P + VAT

(NB! A floorplate kit is included with every Dorgard)

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*Carriage charges UK mainland only

Scottish Highlands & Islands +9.00

Northern Ireland +15.00


Tel/Fax : 0845 644 6515

or  01282 691616


Dorgards work by holding the door open with a plunger, which releases if the fire alarm activates. It will also work with a domestic smoke alarm.

An LED flashing red light indicates that the unit is operational. In the event of low battery power or battery failure Dorgard releases allowing the door to close. In addition to this, the unit sounds a repeated warning and flashes an LED to indicate a low battery. Battery life usually exceeds 12 months.

The unit is powered by 2 x 'C' cell batteries (supplied) and even contains a timer which can be set to automatically release at one of three pre-determined times each night and will not 're-set' until the next morning. Dorgard can also be set to keep the door open continuously.

Dorgard can also be released by lightly kicking the plunger (if a floor plate is NOT in use) or by pushing the door in the open direction.

Dorgard has been installed in schools, theatres, hospitals and stately homes for many years and is the ideal solution for stopping the dangerous culture of wedging fire doors open with fire extinguishers or wedges etc. Dorgard has been accepted by fire brigades throughout the UK, and complies with BS EN 1155:1997.


What's included:

1 x 2nd generation Dorgard.

1 x floor plate.

4 x fixing screws (for the Dorgard).

4 x fixing screws and rawlplugs (for the floor plate).

2 x alkaline batteries (C size).

Fitting template, user guide and fire door sticker.

The floor plate (included in the kit) is fitted using the 4 supplied screws.

Fire doors weighing more than 120Kg, with a closing force of more than 120nm (15kg at about 800mm from the hinge) must have the floor plate installed in combination with the Dorgard.

Floor plates are recommended where:
a: The fire door has a strong door closer that allows the door to 'creep' closed (with the Dorgard fitted).
b: The floor is very smooth or slippery.


 Dorgard Covers - For the 'Executive' look (Optional extras).        


Enhance the appearance of your Dorgards with these Polished Brass or Brushed Aluminium effect covers.


28.50 each plus VAT

Carriage extra if ordered individually



Also DEAFGARD Fire Alarm enhancing device for the hard of hearing...... And the NEW DMS deaf alerting text messaging device.




Dorgard Floorplate Kit


  •  1 x floorplate with doorstop

  •  1 x plain floorplate

  •  1 x spare Dorgard ferrule

  •  2 x sets of fixing screws

  •  1 x set of wallplugs

  •  1 x adjusting screwdriver



Floorplate kit 10.00

Plus 7.50 P&P + VAT

(NB! A floorplate kit is included with every Dorgard)

To order please telephone, fax or email.


Tel/Fax : 0845 644 6515

or  01282 691616









e-mail    Tel : 0845 644 6515 or 01282 691616