evacuation aids

The devices shown below may be suitable for assisting people with mobility impairments to be moved or evacuated in case of fire or other emergency. The following points should be considered when choosing the most appropriate device for any particular situation:

  • cost;

  • practicality;

  • level of training required;

  • maintenance;

  • ease of use;

  • nature of disabilities;

  • location of disabled person(s);

  • number of persons requiring assistance;

  • number of trained staff available;

  • terrain or surfaces to be negotiated;

  • width of escape routes;

  • etc

The objective is to transport a person with mobility impairment to a place of safety, which may include movement down staircases.


Evacuation Chairs (see below) are designed for this purpose, however evacuation mattresses such as the Ski Pad and AlbacMat can often be just as effective.


Some severely handicapped or bariatric people may be almost impossible to transfer from a wheelchair to the evacuation device. The Promove Emergency Evacuation Sling can sometimes solve this problem.


Bearing in mind these rescue devices may never be used in anger, they can be an expensive items to sit gathering dust. Compare advantages and disadvantages: Download our Chairs v Slip Mats pdf document


If you require advice please contact us by email or telephone (see foot of page).

Evacuation Chairs

For the evacuation of mobility impaired people along corridors, or stairs.





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Ski Sheets

Used for evacuating bed bound people to safety, including stairways, where doorways and stairs are sufficiently wide.


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Ski Pads

Used for evacuating bed bound people to safety, including stairways, where doorways and stairs are not sufficiently wide for Ski Sheets. Also ideal for 'disabled evacuation' i.e. assisting wheelchair or other mobility impaired people to safety, including stairways.

Bariatric version also available



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PROMOVE Emergency Evacuation Sling


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