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The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that employers provide adequate training in relation to fire awareness for all members of staff regardless of the number of employees.

This fire safety training course is designed for all employees (particularly new staff) to ensure they are equipped with a general understanding of basic fire awareness including what should be done in the event of a fire, how to prevent a fire occurring and a basic introduction of the protocol of extinguishing a fire.


The course is divided into five modules as follows:

  • module 1 - Chemistry of fire;

  • module 2 - Common causes of fire;

  • module 3 - Safety features within buildings;

  • module 4 - Fire extinguishers;

  • module 5 - What to do if a fire occurs.


The course is approved by the Institution of Fire Engineers.


Each module is followed by a short test, each of which must be completed before the course is completed.


Delegates can work their way through the course, breaking off if necessary and resuming from the beginning of the uncompleted module. At the end of each module there are some test questions which the delegate must achieve a pass rate of at least 70%.


On successful completion of the course, a certificate is issued.


At the end of the course, the final section contains a list of questions that must all be answered correctly (3 attempts allowed) before the certificate can be awarded.


All questions in the final section have been covered in the previous sections.


Delegate Rates:

To order please telephone, fax or email.



Tel : 0845 644 6515 

or 01282 691616


1 to 10

20.00 each

11 to 20

18.50 each

21 to 30

17.00 each

31 to 40

15.00 each

41 to 50

14.00 each

51 to 60

13.50 each

61 to 70

13.00 each

71 to 80

12.00 each

81 to 100

11.00 each


10.00 each
Prices are subject to VAT




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