fire extinguisher servicing

Fire extinguishers should be serviced annually by competent person. They must also undergo an extended service every five years (except CO2) which consists of discharging the extinguisher, checking inside for corrosion, refilling, renewing or ring seals etc and re-pressurising. CO2 extinguishers are required to be overhauled every 10 years, which is quite expensive.

Extended services are much more expensive than the annual service. It is sometimes cheaper to buy new extinguishers than to have the extended service carried out.

The following prices are a guide and may vary depending on your location.

Attendance fee 28.00 (38.00 London Congestion area)

Servicing fee per extinguisher 2.80

Plus parts where required


Tamper tag 1.15

Gauge Test 1.50

Hose horn washer 0.95p

Headcap Washer 2.10p

O ring 1.95

Safety clip 3.70

Sterilising tab 1.20


Extended Service Charges:

2kg CO2 - 60.65

9L Water - 21.00

6L Foam - 39.00

2L Foam - 19.50

4kg DP -   45.00

6kg DP -   49.00

9kg DP -   61.10


Commissioning and installation (If requested):

28.00 attendance fee

Commission 7.00 per item

Wall mounting 8.00 per item

ID sign installation

Plus VAT



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