Hospitals pose difficult problems for fire safety, as it is not possible in many instances to move people around quickly, or evacuate them to outside the building.

To assist in moving patients in an emergency, a device called a Ski Sheet (see below) can be fitted under the mattress, and then used to drag the patient out of harms way whilst still on the mattress. This has the advantage that the patient has the protection of the mattress and does not need to be transferred to a trolley or wheelchair etc.

The Ski Sheet can be used to move patients horizontally or vertically down stairs. In an emergency, straps are unrolled & buckled across the chest and legs of the patient enabling safe and swift evacuation. Ski Sheets were used extensively for the evacuation of patients during the fire at the Royal Marsden Hospital in January 2008. Following the fire, a large quantity of replacements were ordered!

We also supply a range of Fire Training videos and DVDs for Hospitals & Nursing Homes, including Manual Handling for Care Staff  and Guide to Assisted Evacuation

And..... for those annoying fire doors there are several devices that can be installed to hold open fire doors 'legally' such as Dorgards and Agrippas. These devices are self contained, battery operated devices that can be fitted to a fire door to hold it open, closing in the fire alarm is activated.










See also evacuation chairs.

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Ski Sheet

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The Ski Pad (right) is a development of the Ski Sheet for use when corridors or stairways are too narrow for a Ski Sheet and mattress.

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Ski Pad Evacuation Training







BabEvac Cot

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Ross Maxi-Glide

The Ross Maxi-Glide  is used for transferring patients/residents between beds and trolleys etc.

The Maxi-Glide can span gaps of 20cm along with small differences in height, and is extra stable where a patient's body is heaviest. owing to anti-slip protection on the underside of the board. Transporting the sliding board is easy - just fold it and carry it by its handle. It will store easily by just hanging on a hook.

MaxiGlide is made of strong polythene, with anti-slip on the back. Users can fold it down the middle for easier handling and storage.

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Maxi-Glide Standard 5010

Maxi-Glide Folding 5015



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