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NEWS: Residential care home fined 80,000 after boiler room fire


The ultimate fire safety protection in any residential care/nursing home is without doubt fire sprinklers.

Sprinklers are mandatory in Scotland and could become compulsory in England and Wales.

Anyone building a new residential care or nursing home should seriously consider them.

It's much cheaper to put them in at construction stage, and they could actually save money by reducing other fire safety related costs, such as:


LESS FIRE DOORS - Wouldn't that be nice?. The number of fire doors can often be reduced when sprinklers are installed.


WEDGES are often used to hold open fire doors.

This is a dangerous practice and could cost lives, but it is also illegal and could lead to UNLIMITED FINES, a PRISON SENTENCE, or BOTH!


We have economical and legal solutions: DORGARD  and SALAMANDER

We also have a range of Fire Training Video's & DVD's and Moving and Handling DVD.


Emergency plans must contain a means for moving non-ambulant residents to a place of safety, but this is often difficult or in some cases impossible. You can NOT rely on the fire service to do this for you, so you must provide evacuation equipment where necessary.

SKI SHEETS fit permanently underneath the mattress, and in case of emergency just fasten the safety straps and drag the mattress (with the resident securely protected) to safety.

SKI PADS are designed for use where the mattress is too wide to negotiate narrow doorways or stairs, simply transfer the resident from their bed onto the Ski Pad and off you go!

Both systems requires minimal training and maintenance, however we can provide

Ski Pad training courses if necessary.

EVACUATION CHAIRS - For the evacuation of mobility impaired people.

FIREPROOF SMOKERS APRONS - to protect smokers from cigarette ends, matches or lighters etc - see below.


Have you seen the new EVACUATION TRAINING AID - The WHAT NOW ??? - Brilliant, simple and providing tremendous benefit during evacuation drills and exercises.

Ski Pads

Ski Sheets

Smokers protective cover



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Manual Handling

for Care Staff

VHS Video



Did you know that under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 you MUST carry out a Fire Risk Assessment. We can do this for you, email for more information.

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