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Stop Smoking and Tobacco Education Support

Some disturbing facts from 'Ash'

More than 80% of smokers take up the habit as teenagers

In the UK about 450 children start smoking every day

About one-fifth of Britain's 15 year olds (18% of boys & 26% of girls) are regular smokers

By the age of 11 one-third of children, and by 16 two-thirds of children have experimented with smoking (Drug use, smoking and drinking among teenagers in 1999. National Statistics 2000)

Along with the Cig-Arrete range of anti-smoking detectors, a range of Carbon Monoxide breath testers are available that can be used to help enforce a tobacco control policy within schools, and can help make PSHE lessons on smoking and drugs more powerful.

Marketed under the trademark Cig-Arrete® Smokerlyzer® they are used very successfully by NHS stop-smoking groups throughout the UK.

The COmpactTM  provides the opportunity for teachers or school health workers with limited budgets to visually demonstrate the harmful effects of smoking. The piCO-lo monitor is specially designed with a coloured LED display that amplifies the typically lower readings of young smokers.

Download a case study in pdf format Part 1 - Part 2






piCO-lo Cig-Arrete® Smokerlyzer® - light weight breath monitor for use with young people and pregnant smokers.





COmpact Cig-Arrete® Smokerlyzer® Complete with smoking cessation plan and 10 disposable mouthpieces.





Disposable one-way valve mouthpieces - Pack of 30.


Alcohol Free Cleaning Wipes - Pack of 50


Multimedia Training CD showing instructions for use along with clinical papers and other smoking cessation resources


piCO-Chart software to allow download to PC and produce printout of results





"Burning Money" CD computer programme

Prices plus VAT

Payment by pro-forma invoice or credit card

We also have a range of fire training videos and dvd's designed specially for schools.





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