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Especially suitable for Hospitals and residential care premises, but also suitable for many other situations such as schools, offices, hotels etc where mobility impaired people require assistance to evacuate. They  require little training and virtually no maintenance.

Standard Ski Pad


3 Strap Ski Pad


The SKI PAD is a vital aid in the rapid evacuation of patients or residents etc when doorways or stairways are too narrow for the Ski Sheet, OR in many situations where non-ambulant people (such as wheelchair users) require assistance to evacuate from a building.

There is no 'minimum' width of stairway that a Ski Pad can be used, however the narrower the stair, the more difficult it is to negotiate, especially when there are half landings or tight turns. A 1500mm stair would provide the ideal width for ease of manoeuvrability, but Ski Pads have been used on stairs as narrow as 800mm. In such cases to negotiate a half landing or 180o turn, the cross straps can be used for pulling rather than the normal pull straps, this allows better control. It is also wise to consider the weight of potential passengers, the bigger they are, the harder they are to pull, especially around tight turns.

The Ski Pad can also be used for people in wheelchairs, and it is relatively easy to transfer someone from a wheelchair onto a Ski Pad using the following technique. Position the wheelchair at one end of the Ski Pad with the passenger facing away from the Pad. With one person at each side of the wheelchair, carefully tip the wheelchair over backwards till it is laid on its back. The occupant can now be pulled backwards onto the Ski Pad. This method requires no direct lifting, and is therefore much safer for staff from a manual handling aspect. The operation can be made easier by the use of a 'sliding board' such as the Ross Maxi-glide.

A modified version of the Pad is available for people with brittle bones. This version has double thickness padding to give extra protection to the passenger. When used for transporting someone with brittle bones plenty of padding between the passenger and straps is essential.

The Ski Pad is kept in a wipe clean storage bag and can be mounted on hooks on the wall at the head of a stair allowing rapid deployment when the Velcro fastening is released.

Suitable for use with patients, residents or any non-ambulant person, the evacuation sheet is instantly available in emergency situations, protecting the passenger during evacuation along exit routes and down stairs.

The Ski Pad is tested to 160kg, but the maximum weight is best kept below 120kg for balance and safety reasons, however a specially designed lifting sling (the PROMOVE SLING) is available for bariatric people. This requires several people to use depending on the weight of the evacuee.

A budget slip mat, the E-Pad is now also available. This is a thinner mat (38mm foam padding) that is suitable for people with no obvious sensitivity issues or brittle bones etc. It is suitable for use on stairs with rounded nosings but may not be ideal for use on metal edged steps with square edges.

Transfer from a wheelchair to either mat is relatively easy. The Wheel chair is reversed onto the mat and then lowered backwards onto the mat along with the passenger. The passenger is then slid backwards onto the mat and the wheelchair removed. Download INSTRUCTIONS by clicking HERE

A Power Point presentation can be downloaded by clicking HERE

A low resolution video clip of how the Ski Pad is used can be seen by clicking this LINK.

The video is is filmed in a hospital environment, but the Ski Pad can be used in many other types of premises such as offices, shops, schools etc, etc. Many organisations carry out their own training with this equipment using the DVD (available for 29.99 plus 2.50 P&P + VAT) as part of their training programme but we can also provide in house training if you prefer.



The tough slippery VINYL COATED BASE material enables patients to be moved easily over virtually any surface - indoors or outdoors.

50mm FOAM PAD gives protection to patient from bumps and bruises.

NARROW WIDTH & FLEXIBILITY allows the passenger to be slid through standard doorways, along twisting corridors and down narrow winding escape routes - without the risk of blocking the route or the need for heavy lifting.


Packed: 711 x 711 x 152mm (28"x28"x6")

Open:    1981 x 686 x 51mm (78"x27"x2")


Min recommended stair width:



Can you afford for your evacuation device to fail when you most need it?

Ski Pads are fitted with IMMI approved buckles in line with NHS requirements, and are fully CE approved.


Manual Handling: You should liase with your manual handling advisor about forming a policy on how many staff should be available to use this product.




*Standard SKI-PAD (50mm foam padding) 241.95


*Short version  (50mm foam padding) 231.95

(Shortened by 30cm for children)


*Double Thickness SKI-PAD (100mm foam padding) 410.00

(For people with brittle bones etc)


3 Strap versions of all the above 21.00 Extra


*Delivery 6.50 each



E-PAD (Budget Slip Mat) 159.00

Plus 6.50 delivery per 1 or 2 mats

NB! Not suitable for square edged metal steps.

For more information see E-Pad



Prices plus VAT

Payment can be made by cheque or BACS by pro-forma invoice

or by credit card over the phone


Tel : 0845 644 6515



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