Smoke Alarms

Many people think fires only happen to other people, and they are like you see on TV.  Fires are extremely nasty, to be trapped in a fire is your worst nightmare. Every breath you take is full of burning acrid choking smoke. Your eyes sting and stream with water. You cannot see, as smoke is very dense and black.

An increasing number of deaths and injuries in the UK are caused as a direct result of batteries being removed from nuisance smoke detectors.

Smoke alarms are the first line of defence against fire in the home, but it is important to ensure the correct type is chosen.

There are two different types of smoke alarm: IONIZATION and OPTICAL. 

Ionization smoke alarms are very sensitive to cooking 'smoke', and if an ionization alarm is anywhere near a cooker, it will probably give frequent false alarms.  When this happens, occupants often remove the battery which renders the alarm inoperative.  This is dangerous!  To cure the problem simply change the ionization alarm for an optical smoke alarm, which is not as susceptible to this type of smoke.

Unfortunately, optical smoke alarms are more expensive and are harder to find, most outlets only stock the cheaper ionization type.

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