what now ???


Having alternative escape routes is all well and good, BUT ............

  • Are they always available?

  • Do people know where they are?

  • Can people with disabilities find and use them?

The 'WHAT NOW' pictured in a Hospital

Human beings are creatures of habit and generally use the most familiar route in and out of a building, often passing one or more fire exits in the process. But what happens when their usual route is barred or blocked?


To ensure that people know where alternative exits are, the normal or ‘familiar’ route should be occasionally ‘blocked’ so people learn alternative routes, thus being less likely to panic in a real emergency if the route they expect to use is unavailable.


People are often tasked to physically obstruct an exit route, waving their arms around and trying to persuade everyone that this is where the emergency is, and “please would everyone mind finding an alternative way out?” This leads to all sorts of difficulties; arguments can ensue and when large numbers of evacuees are involved it can be difficult to get them all to move in the opposite direction.

















With the WHAT NOW®??? no explanation needed! This simple effective solution is instantly recognizable and so obvious that people realise immediately that the escape route is blocked. This innovative training aid WILL save lives, is relatively inexpensive, easy to use, and takes up very little space when not in use. It can assist you to test your emergency procedures to ensure they are effective and will work when you most need them.


It’s too late to find your emergency plan doesn’t work during a real emergency!


For use in:

  • Factories, Offices, Shops

  • Hotels, Hospitals, Care Homes

  • Schools, Colleges, Universities

  • Prisons, Remand Centres

  • Railway & Bus premises

  • Special Needs premises

  • etc, etc



The WHAT NOW®??? is used to simulate emergencies such as: 

  •   Fires

  •   Chemical leaks

  •   Gas leaks

  •   Bomb alerts

  •   Floods

  •   Building collapses

  •   Etc

It is 1.6m high x 1.2m wide, and after use it folds in half and packs into a 6cm wide box for convenient storage.


The WHAT NOW®??? has a built in fold out stand, and is visible from both front and back.


Plus Shipping £8.95 & VAT

1 per box: max 2 WN's per shipment, or

2 per box: max 4 WN's per shipment.

To order please telephone, fax or email.

email sales@marsden-fire-safety.co.uk 

Tel/Fax : 0845 644 6515 or 01282 691616


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